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Asociatia ALIA

“ALIA Association” was founded to promote and defend the rights and interests of the patients that are having a stroke, or have suffered a stroke, or are prone to a stroke accident. We believe that is necessary to educate the entire community about the needs of such patients and we will demonstrate why it is so necessary to have access to a good medical treatment as soon as possible.

Our mission is also aimed towards the public awareness in regards to a stroke prevention, its recognition (signs and symptoms) and understanding the steps that need to be taken when we are next to a person who is suffering from a stroke.

“ALIA” will initiate, develop and conduct lobbying and advocacy activities to improve the quality of life of the patients who have suffered a stroke and the quality of life of the families that support them.

We are fighting for a society that can offer to all the people affected by a stroke all the necessary support and the chance to live a life as close as possible to normality.

As said above, ALIA’s actions have a humanitarian purpose to increase the quality of life of the people affected by a stroke. However, we need to mobilize both patients and their families to support and promote our initiatives, in order to represent a strong voice to those who can make decisions regarding the patients’ access to a good medical treatment and healthcare services.

Our values are: transparency, solidarity, optimism, involvement, respect, efficiency and coherence.

Stroke is the second biggest cause of death worldwide after ischemic heart disease and the main cause of disability. Annually in Romania, 55.000 people suffer an ischemic stroke, 7.500 people suffer a hemorrhagic stroke and 1.500 suffer a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

A report from the World Health Organization shows that in developing countries, stroke is the main cause of disability and the second cause of mortality.

However, only few of these patients receive the necessary care while they are in the hospital and, especially, after they are discharged.

In Romania, this issue requires special attention from the authorities. They need to implement a national strategy to reduce the number of the patients who are suffering from a stroke and ensure a fair access to a medical treatment for all the patients across the country (acute treatment and neurological recovery). Also, the authorities will have to ensure a good life, at a satisfactory level, for the person who has survived a stroke.

With ALIA Association we aim to:

- raise the public awareness of the prevention, treatment and medical services available for the people who suffer a stroke or are prone to a stroke;

- to support the people who suffer/have suffered a stroke and to understand the problems caused by this disease or the problems leading to it;

- to establish a link/connection between the patients, their families and the medical professionals who can help them (neurologists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists, psychologists, etc.) in order to facilitate as much as possible the medical recovery of the patients who have suffered a stroke, limit the emergence of medical complications and to help the patients in regards to their social and professional reintegration;

- to provide the necessary information for the timely recognition of the first symptoms of a stroke and the conditions that lead to its occurrence;

- to protect the rights of patients who have suffered a stroke, so that they can receive the necessary medical treatment in a timely manner, no matter in which area of the country they are.