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If you run the distance for the first time or if you are shooting at a certain time, you will definitely have a bit of emotion on race day. So if you need help, you can join one of the pacemaker teams.

A team of pacemakers are a group of experienced runners running at a constant pace to reach a certain time at the finish. The nice part about running with a group of pacers is that you will be able to forget about the pace while running with a group that has the same goals as you driving a "locomotive" that is constantly running the entire distance of the race. This service is offered free of charge to all participants and is supported by 42km.ro .

To see the list of runners from the pacemakers team click here.

1:30WHITE4:14B - front
1:40YELLOW4:43B - middle
1:45RED4:57C - front
1:50BLUE5:11C - middle
2:00GRAY5:41D - front
2:10SALMON6:08D - middle
2:20LIGHT BLUE6:37E - front

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Why run with a team of pacers?

One of the most common mistakes as runners is that we go too hard and hit the "wall" towards the end of the race. Running with a team of pacers they will keep you at a steady pace to achieve the desired time. Even if at first the pace seems too slow, this is normal, stay with the group of pacers up to 17-18 km of the semimathlon and if you feel you can run faster you can go faster at that moment.

Where do I find the pacer teams?

The teams of pacers will be placed in the block-starts corresponding to their time. They will enter blockstarts about 15 minutes before the start. You will be able to track them by colored tear candles / flags according to the table above. We encourage you to introduce yourself to them and announce that you want to run in their group.

How do pacers run, at what pace, during what time?

Pacers will run on net time, so it's important to start with them at the start. Pacers run at a steady pace and will run so they finish about 30 seconds ahead of goal time. If you left a little behind them you will still be in the desired time.

Will each kilometer be exactly the same peace?

For most of the race, the Pacers will try to keep pace. However, as the route has different level differences, turning points, etc., which can affect a constant pace, the teams of pacers will try to adapt. This will slow down the climb portions and accelerate a bit on the descent portions.

There is no pacer team for my time. What can I do?

We always try to increase the number of times we offer teams of pacers, but unfortunately we will not be able to cover all times. If you do not have a team of pacers at your time we recommend you to run during your time. If you still want to run with a team of pacers, we recommend that you choose a team that departs slower than your time and accelerate after km 13-14, thus preventing you from leaving too hard in the first half.

How will they approach the crossing of the refresh points?

Normally, the pacer teams will slow down near the feeding points, in order to have a chance to feed you, especially at the more crowded points. We recommend that you focus on feeding at the feeding points and not on tracking the packers. If somehow you stay a little behind, try to recover easily, do not rush because this will waste your energy unnecessarily and can cause even cramps later in the race.

Do I have to stay with the Pacers the whole race?

Of course not. You can join or leave the group anytime you want.

What do I do if I have to go to the toilet?

When nature demands its rights we must obey. After that, we recommend you try to recover the time easily, without hurrying. You will be able to get an idea of how late you are at the turning points where you will be able to see where the group of pacers is.

I ran with a team of pacers and did my GPS tell me another peace with the team?

Pacer teams will run based on time and mileage limits. So this time of peace adjustment should be more accurate than the peace calculated dynamically by a GPS clock