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HELP Autism Association

For 12 years, Help Autism has been with over 3000 children with autism and their families in 8 centers in Bucharest, Suceava and Targoviste and at home. We supported, guided and outlined their evolution. 1 in 44 children receive a lifelong diagnosis, according to the CDC 2021 report. In the Help Autism Association team, we are constantly thinking of a mix of therapies to help them reach and exceed their potential. For the families of these children and young people with autism, we offer all the necessary support for a safe, safe journey: social assistance, psychological counseling, support in raising funds necessary for the recovery program, training in therapies specific to their children. Despite the diagnosis, Help Autism offers a hopeful journey towards the chance of a balanced life.

The Help Autism Association is today the largest organization dedicated to the cause in Romania. (https://helpautism.ro/)

We guide the steps of children with special minds from assessment and diagnosis to therapy, from school integration to the transition to adult life. We are with their families at every step, with every need. We dream for them, we fight for them, we build for all of us.

We understood that the Bucharest Half Marathon is more than a race, it is a life adventure. Our challenge is to make this personal adventure a success. Come to #echipaHelpAutism at the Half Marathon event to build with us a world where diverse minds are welcomed with open hearts.

Find out here how the beats per minute turn into open hearts for various minds https://echipa.helpautism.ro/