Save the childrens

Since 2016 we have been participating in the Bucharest Semi-Marathon for the chance to save the prematurely born children. Here's what we did with all those who chose to join our cause: • In 2019, 520 runners were part of the Save the Children team and thus managed to collect a record amount of 35,000 euros, used to purchase a new generation neonatal ventilator for the Neonatology Section of the Emergency University Hospital in Bucharest . This equipment offers a chance at life for at least 120 children per year. • At the 2018 edition there were registered more than 120 runners in the Save the Children team, which contributed to raising the necessary funds for the purchase of an incubator for the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital in Bucharest. • In 2017, the amount collected by the runners Save the Children, volunteers and companies almost doubled and a ventilation support fan worth 17,000 euros was donated to the Bucharest Maternity Hospital in the capital. • In 2016, the Save the Children team was made up of over 200 runners who managed to raise 10,000 euros, funds used to equip the Giulesti Maternity in Bucharest with a vital transport incubator for the survival of babies born prematurely.