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“N-avem SANGE?!” (www.n-avemsange.ro) is a program run by the HEM Association, for the National Institute of Transfusion Hematology and may represent a broad endeavor, to create the national level, to provide voluntary blood donations.

The figures provided by the World Health Organization place Romania in the crash area in terms of the number of donors, who are less than 2% compared to the European average which is around 4%. However, this is not the only problem. There is also an aging process among constant donors and the problem of one time donation. Mostly young and eligible people donate one time and they do not return for another donation.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a sustainable process of educating people, as the lack of blood for transfusions affects the entire society. Blood is actually a living tissue and not just a colored liquid, a part of it can be stored for up to 42 days, while another part for only 6 days. These things are likely to make our efforts even more complicated, but in the same time, these also bring us extra motivation.

Our mission is to develop and consolidate a larger community of donors and help them acknowledge the wonderful benefits of regular donation on their own health. Please find here an interview with one of the well-known hematologists in Romania, Dr. Corina Posea: http://n-avemsange.ro/2018/06/29/150-000-de-vieti-pe-an/

Within our donors community we have a number of ambassadors and we have suggestively called them #bloodfluencer(s). Their group can be found here:


Bloodfluencers are donors and, at the same time, people with leading skills, oriented towards social activism. Our desire is to increase the group cohesion through partnerships at various events as these organized by ARBC.

Stay tuned to our cause, donate and spread the word about donation!