The purpose of Lindenfeld Association’s “Ajungem MARI” (Growing GREAT) educational program is to help children from foster care and struggling families “Grow Great”, responsible and independent people. With the help of a large volunteer team, we strive to reduce the trauma caused by abandonment and separation from the family and to pass on to the children not only knowledge, but also moral values for a healthy and dignified life. 

We work with over 2500 institutionalized children and teenagers aged between 3 and 20 years old, from Bucharest and 24 counties. We offer them help, education and support through our team of over 1600 volunteers who are involved in many projects such as school preparation sessions, recreational and educational outings, trips, professional orientation visits in companies, financial and entrepreneurial education, health and sexual education, computer and informatics education. Specialists also support children through vocational classes, vocational counseling, personal development camps, speech therapy and adapted psychotherapy.

In order to help institutionalized children to recover from traumatizing life experiences (neglect, abuse, abandonment, institutionalization) and develop their self-control capacity, tolerance to frustration and self-esteem, we need to offer them the support of specialists through therapy sessions (psychological counseling and psychotherapy, sand play therapy, therapy through games). Each therapy session gives them the chance to develop their communication skills, learn to explore and express in a safe way their strong emotions associated.

The cost for one therapy session for a child is 100 lei. With 400 lei we can cover the costs for a child to go 1 month to therapy. This sum can be obtained by every fundraiser by inviting his family, friends and colleagues to encourage them with donations.

You can become a fundraiser with a fundraising page on Galantom online platform by submitting an online form with your motivation to help vulnerable children - We will create a fundraising page that you will share among friends, colleagues and relatives so they can donate online on the platform. You will become the children’s hero! Here are more details about fundraising at the event and you can keep track of the raised funds -

Thank you so much for your support! Can’t wait to meet you after the race to give you the Ajungem MARI Hero’s medal!

All the permanent projects of the educational program „Ajungem Mari” („Growing GREAT”) emphasize children’s personal development – raising self-confidence and forming communication and teamwork skills. We use interactive educational methods and offer them memorable experiences, encouragement, motivation and guidance..


  • “Share your passion!” – volunteering project in which over 1600 volunteers, aged 16 to 70, visit the social centers every week to teach over 2500 children about domains that they are passionate about, through games and interactive activities: math, Romanian language and literature, English, photography, music, dance, arts & crafts etc.
  • „Explorer for a day” is a project through which we offer children and teenagers the chance to explore the city, to visit and discover new places, to socialize with new people by taking them in trips and outings to movies, museums, different playgrounds, theatre, parks, escape room, laser tag or various festivals and events.
  • “Discover yourself!” is the project which helps children and teenagers from foster care centers to know themselves better and develop their abilities through vocational classes, therapy, speech therapy and personal development workshops.
  • “Dare to dream!” – first steps in career management and guidance, through interactive and motivational visits in companies, factories and various work places and vocational counseling.
  • “GREAT vacation” – personal development camp in the mountains or at the seaside, filled with team games, creativity, role-playing and movement games.


Find out more about Ajungem MARI and how you can get involved –