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Run for the future of children in foster care!
Your support turns into a psychotherapy and healing session for abandoned children.
Through your efforts, you give them confidence and a better future which they deserve!

Lindenfeld Association’s “Ajungem MARI” (Growing GREAT) educational program offers a long-term support to institutionalized children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to GROW, as responsible and independent adults.

With the help of a large team of volunteers and specialists, we try to reduce the trauma caused by abandonment or separation from the family.

About “Ajungem MARI”

Through the “Ajungem MARI” Program we have been constantly supporting, for almost 8 years, 2.500 children and young people from foster care, houses and family-type apartments in Bucharest and 24 other counties. This is possible with the support of over 1.400 volunteers who visit the children on a weekly basis for school preparation sessions or creative or general knowledge workshops. 

Once they get to know the children and bond with them, they notice their talents, passions and needs and enroll them in vocational courses, speech therapy, psychotherapy, vocational counseling and qualification courses.

Volunteers become children's friends and heroes. Many times, for the first time in their lives, these children feel listened to and encouraged and feel that they are no longer alone.

Run for the therapy of children separated from their families!

Volunteer support is fantastic, but for children who have gone through traumatic experiences (physical abuse, sexual abuse, parental abandonment, neglect, separation from family and siblings, institutionalization), a specialist is needed to heal these traumas through psychotherapy.

With your support, we want to help as many children and institutionalized children as possible to become aware of their emotions, to learn to manage them, to become more resilient, to communicate better and to gain confidence in them.

The cost for a therapy session for a child is 110 lei. With 440 lei we cover the cost for a month of therapy for a child.

Currently we can offer psychotherapy for 50 children and young people, but many more need support.

Become a fundraiser on the Galantom platform!

Kids really need superheroes! Sign up as a Galantom fundraiser and invite your friends to encourage you with donations for children in foster care therapy!

You can aim to raise the amount needed for one, two, three or more months of psychotherapy. After going through such hard and sad experiences, these children need long-term support and encouragement. But, once they gain confidence and become aware of their true potential, they are unstoppable!

To become a fundraiser, in addition to marathon registration, please fill out this short form formular online.

We will create your superhero page on the Galantom platform and all you have to do is post the link on social networks and invite your friends to donate for the children.

The joy at the finish line will be even greater when you will realize that through your efforts you have given a child the chance of a fulfilled life!

Thank you so much for your support!


You can find more details in prezentarea programului Ajungem MARI and raportul de activitate 2020Program where you will see how wisely we use the resources from our donors and sponsors.

We would be happy to tell you more about our activity in supporting the children!

If you want to join us, please write us a short e-mail at office@ajungemmari.ro and we will support you in becoming our children's hero!