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Pădurea Copiilor

We are Pădurea Copiilor, an association which treats forests like children. We provide care for the new forests we are creating for 14 years, and we make sure they evolve into grown healthy ecosystems. Until now we restored through afforestation over 100 hectares of degraded land, out of which 29 hectares are already mature forests with trees up to 4-5 m tall. Over the years we have managed to involve 22 communities and over 13.800 volunteers, in planting and tending 841.750 tree saplings. This proves that our message has reached a lot of people in search of a change. We have chosen to fight for making forests in 100 communities from the South-Muntenia region by 2035 also to teach people to behave like forests’ parents.

If we have to resume our activity in a few words, we could say that in Pădurea Copiilor we connect and involve communities, we compensate the carbon footprint of partner organizations, we grow forests to conserve and increase biodiversity. We believe that our initiatives (afforestation, education, volunteering and ECOdesign) will make a difference in the South Muntenia region. We aim to create a sustainable future for us and for the next generations. Give us a helping hand and join Pădurea Copiilor’s effort!