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Pachamama Romania

Pachamama Romania is an environmental association who’s mission is to change the vision of the current modern world focused on consumerism, through the awareness of interconectivity, to be able to inspire people to participate in creation of a sustainable, fair and fullfilling world. (www.pachamamaromania.ro)
We are part of a massive campaign for Rights of Mother Earth to gather signatures for the petition, which we want to consider nature as a living being and to have its rights recognized – to exist, to persist and to regenerate itsself. 

You can sign the petition for the worldwide initiative here:


Drawdown is another project that we want to develop in Romania as Pachamama Alliance develop in United States of America.

Drawdown is an open alliance of more than 70 scientists, researchers, policymakers, business people, activists and leaders in various fields from 22 countries led by author, ecologist and entrepreneur Paul Hawken, a former friend of the Pachamama Alliance. They identified and described 100 of the most important solutions for addressing global warming and demonstrated that it is possible not only to slow it down, but even to reverse it by 2050.

The project proposes to those interested an Introduction to Drawdown, a 2-hour program that presents both the possibility of reversing global warming and the fact that you have an important role to play in this process.

You can register for free here: https://landing.pachamama.org/climate-change-solutions-course

In addition to the Introduction to Drawdown there is the Drawdown Course – a workshop in 4 meetings that helps you to find out how you can contribute to the reversal of global warming and to start acting with a similar thinking community.

To sign up go here:: https://landing.pachamama.org/climate-change-solutions-course?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pachamama.org%2Fengage%2Fdrawdown

Since 2011, when Pachamama Romania was created, until today, we have shared the idea of the Rights of Mother Earth project with tens of thousands of people, both directly through sports events where we participated, for example those created by ABRC, as well as through educational events (Rights of Mother Earth for a sustainable community, the ‘Be part of change’ symposium), going to tens of schools, high schools and colleges from Romania (ASE, UEB, IBSB, Colegiul Gheorghe Lazăr etc) and through global events regarding environmental protection – COP 21 Paris and Rio 2002 Summit. 

The ‘Be part of change’ Symposium  is an educational program which offers you the opportunity to involve your brain, soul and hands in creating a sustainable, socially just and fullfilling environment.

We also organize a sports event for promoting Rights of Mother Earth and a lifestyle which is healthy and in balance with nature. This is the Roșia Montană Marathon which has reached its VIII-th edition. (http://www.rosiamontanamarathon.ro)

Rosia Montana Marathon has for three years as a social cause the modernization of the school in Rosia Montana, managing to offer children more video projectors and the possibility of having their own playground that will be built this spring.

For details about Pachamama Romania and how you can support us at Bucharest Half Marathon and Uniqa Asigurări Bucharest FAMILY & 10K go to www.pachamamaromania.ro and www.facebook.com/PachamamaRomania or write us at pachamamaromania2011@gmail.com.
The collected amount will directed to the educational projects and to modernization of the school in Rosia Montana.

Thank you for your support!