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Romania Without Orphans Alliance

There are over 50000 children currently lacking a family’s care and protection in Romania. Often known as “homeless” or “nobodies”, they dream and hope that one day, somehow, someone will open the orphanage door and tell them “I’m here to take you home”.

The Romania Without Orphans Alliance (ARFO) is an opportunity to bring together our time, skills and resources so that no child in Romania ever goes to sleep alone. ARFO is here to make dreams come true: every child in our country to grow up in a family committed to their wellbeing.

Key ARFO projects are improving existing legislation, “ReFresh” therapy camps for foster families, the Training Consortium for Understanding and Treating Trauma, the ARFO summit, Orphan Sunday, adoption awareness campaigns (i.e. „We care”) and others.

ARFO works to engage the wider society in caring for children in need. Our dream is that Romania become a country where people commit their time, skills and resources to care for these children.

Our vision 

Every child in Romania should grow up in a permanent family, dedicated to his well-being.

Our mission is to mobilize the whole society, so that every child can benefit from the love, support and security of belonging to a family.

While we agree it is not everyone’s call to adopt, we believe that every person is called to have a role in the adoption movement. It is up to us to discover what that is!