United Way

United Way

If you like to run and you want to help those in need, this is the perfect opportunity to combine them.
We are inviting you to join the United Way Running team! You can help as a fundraiser-runner, or
as a volunteer for supporting our cause. We support the right to a good education for all children,
no matter the environment they were born in. Currently, only 1 out of 3 underprivileged children
finish secondary school in Romania. With their parents struggling for survival every day, the kids’
education is no longer a priority. Without real opportunities and continuous access to education, a
lot of these children are at risk of becoming adults who are themselves in financial and social

It is the 7 th year in which United Way is a charity partner of the events organized by the Bucharest
Running Club Association: the International Semi-Marathon and the Bucharest International

In the United Way programs, kids receive help with their homework, access to recreational and
educational activities in schools or social centers, psychological counselling, as well as a hot meal
every day.

Last year, with the support of the 300 runners for the United Way team, at the 2 events we raised
enough funds to help 70 youths attend qualification trainings and have equal changes of
employment. We thank all the participants!

How you can get involved together with United Way:

1. If you decided to support the chance to education of underprivileged children and you want to be
part of the United Way team as a runner, contact us. We will welcome you to the team and you’ll
get all the information you need.
Contact person: Sorina Velicu, resource development specialist, In
order to succeed together and to enjoy the event, United Way will ensure support to every team
member for both physical preparation (information and joint trainings), and for fundraising.

2. If you want to offer your support as a volunteer, and you are available between May 11-13 (before
the race or on the day of the race), your help is most welcome! You will be able to help by registering
the runners, assisting with the logistics, or, on the day of the race, at the fixed or mobile (by bike)
hydration points; or in the United Way team: encouraging the runners on the trail, or as a
photographer, entertainer, etc.
Send us a message at with your contact details, interest area and your
availability and we will provide you with more information.

3. Spread the word about the United Way Running team and about the youths and children’s cause
that we support
What does LIVE UNITED mean? It is the United Way incentive to help those around us, who need
help. How? It’s simple: Donate. Act. Volunteer. LIVE UNITED.
Thank you! You’re welcome on our team!

About the United Way cause – LEARN TO SUCCEED!
The “Learn to Succeed!” integrated intervention program involves the decision makers in the
development of a child (teachers, parents, community leaders, volunteers) and gets them to work
together in order to prevent school dropout and insure access to quality education for vulnerable
children and youths.

About United Way:
Every human being has the right to a good and decent living: access to education and a job, good
health, and a reasonable income in order to support their family. That is why United Way supports 3
important areas: education, health, and income. Therefore, United Way helps thousands of
disadvantaged people: children and youths – to go to school, adults – to learn new trades, access new
jobs and to be independent, single elders, people with disabilities or with serious illnesses – to lead a
better life. For more information, go to or visit the ‘United Way Romania’
Facebook page.