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  • The terms and conditions of using this website and participation to OMV Petrom Bucharest Halfmarathon.
  • The BIHM regulations
  • 1. The organizer of OMV Petrom Bucharest Halfmarathon (BIHM) is Bucharest Running Club Association (ABRC).

    2. I hereby read, I acknowledged and I understood the "BIHM Regulations" and I agree with the participation conditions required in the document. The "BIHM Regulations" document is to be found on the competition website -

    3. I am clinically healthy and I do not suffer from any affection that could endanger my health condition during the event and I take the entire responsibility concerning my participation at BIHM.

    4. I fully understand what implies my participation to such competition, as well as the possibility of vehicle traffic along the race track, during competition.

    5. I acknowledge that my participation at the BIHM could be demanding in terms of physically and mentally conditions. I hereby confirm that I am able from medical point of view and I am able to participate to such endurance race like BIHM. Thus, I exonerate the organizers and all the BIHM partners (sponsors, employees, authorities, officials, volunteers etc), of all possible liabilities regarding any kind of claims I may have, myself or my successors, for every possible risk - injuries, illness, death or any other medical problems - that might arise during the race.

    6. I hereby authorize and express my firm consent to be transported to the hospital / to receive specialized medical assistance, following the Organizer's representatives firm request, in case that these persons consider that medical assistance is needed. I hereby declare that I will renounce any claims I might have concerning such a transport / emergency medical assistance, delays or deficiencies related to it.

    7. I acknowledge the timing chip is property of the Champion Chip - Data Service timing company and I undertake to return it, in person, after the race, to the Organizers or, in case of abandonment, to forward it to them. In case of non-returning the chip, I hereby understand that I will not be accepted to register to the future ABRC competitions.

    8. I hereby declare that I was informed about the rights given to me by the Law No. 677/2001 (see here), regarding the personal data processing and free movement of such data, namely the right to be informed and access to these data, the right of intervention on personal data, the right to object on collecting and processing personal data, the right not to subject to individual decisions, the right to address to court. The rights of data access, intervention on personal data and objection may be exercised by addressing a written request to ABRC, dated and signed, in which providing information required by law.
    Any request under the Law No. 677/2001 I might have, I will attach a readable copy of my ID.

    9. In case of no longer agree to the processing and transfer of my personal data, as above mentioned conditions stipulated, or that my personal data to be processed for marketing purposes by ABRC or in the name of ABRC or a counterpart, or to be disclosed to a third part for such purposes, I understand to express my opposition at any time in a written request, free of charge and without any justification and to submit it to ABRC.

    10. ABRC ensures full confidentiality to the processed personal data. The access to information treated as confidential will be limited only to those persons who, by nature of their activity, need to take notice of this information, in order to fulfill the purpose of legal relationship arising in relation thereto. These individuals are bound by confidentiality of such information, assuming in turn to ensure and maintain the confidentiality of such data and information and process them in accordance with legal requirements.

    I hereby agree on the usage by ABRC, as well as by its partners or sponsors, of my name, photos / A/V recordings and quotes of me, for marketing purposes or promotional activities to support events organized or co-organized by ABRC. I hereby consent that the photos and A/V recordings are and will be the exclusive property of ABRC, which can decide about the future usage of them. In case I will receive a copy of any of these materials, I will use it for personal purposes only, without giving any usage permission to any third person, in any way.

    I hereby agree that ABRC to proceed on collecting and processing my personal data (first name, last name, e-mail address) on the Romanian territory, on its own and/or through its legal representatives and/or its counterparties, in order to participate in ABRC promotional and informative campaigns dedicated to the events organized or co-organized by ABRC.

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