Let`s Do It, Romania

If you consider yourself a DOER (= a passionate person, involved in bringing positive change in Romania) and you care about the nature and keeping it clean, join our team! Let`s Do It!


“Let`s Do It, Romania!” is the biggest social movement in Romania. Since 2010, we managed to involve more than 1 400 000 in 5 National Cleanup Days and also in other projects dedicated to people and the environment. Thanks to our volunteers` efforts, we managed to clean more than 25 000 tons of waste and contribute to educating the young generation.


With our actions, we showed Romanians that big causes, with great impact for the community, are possible also in Romania. For more than 7 years now, we are bringing together people, united by the same goal: a clean country.


By supporting “Let`s Do It, Romania!”, you “say yes” to our cause to have a clean country! Join a team with fun, inspiring and happy Doers!