Inocenti Foundation

Mission, Vision

Fundatia Inocenti / Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR) supports Romanian children and families in need and prevents child abandonment.

The Child Life initiative was founded in Bucharest in 1990 in collaboration with several hospitals and universities in the United States, including Children’s Hospital Boston, University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Psycho-Social Support program for hospitalized children and their families: Child Life

The hospital can be a scary place. Hospitalized children feel, aside from the physical discomfort caused by medical procedures, significant challenges caused by lack of stimulation, anxiety related to treatment, medical tests, and adapting to a foreign environment, perceived most of the times as being unfriendly and sober – the hospital.

We set out to prevent and to remedy the negative effects that hospitalization can have on children and their families, by focusing on:

  • decreasing the level of anxiety of children and parents
  • diminishing the psycho-social trauma in hospital
  • enabling a quicker and more efficient medical recovery
  • preventing developmental delays and lack of stimulation
  • adaptive processing of the health care experience


Our beneficiaries are sick children aged 0-18, hospitalized on different wards of the below mentioned medical institutions:

  1. Bucharest
  • National Institute for Mother’s and Child’s Health “Alessandrescu – Rusescu”, 3 play spaces
  • The Clinical Hospital for Children “Victor Gomoiu”, bed-side interventions
  1. Cluj Napoca
  • The Clinical Hospital for Recovery Cluj-Napoca,1 playroom and bedside interventions
  • The Pediatric Psychiatry Clinic, 1 play space
  1. Bistrița
  •  The County Hospital, 1 play-room



  • By explaining the role of the treatment to children in their own words and by helping they become more at ease with the hospital environment
  • Offer emotional support during the stay in the hospital
  • Encourage play, medical play individually or in groups
  • Offer art- therapy and recreative activities in the play-room or/and at their bed-side
  • A daily program of complex and age appropriate stimulation through play, massage and interaction to babies who are not committed to hospital with their parents. (5h/day)
  • We extend emotional support to siblings.
  • Teach children interactive techniques to relax and to deal with pain
  • Offer relevant information to parents about the child’s development
  • Offer psychologic support in case of mourning/loss


To be able to support, supply and develop the programs in each of the 5 hospitals, we are in constant need of new props and materials – dolls, stationery, medical supplies for medical play (surgical masks and gloves, syringes etc.), books, board games (for teenagers) new furniture to decorate and furnish play spaces in the medical units.

Run for over 2000 children who deserve to be

Happier and Healthier in a Romanian Hospital!

300 Ron is our challenge to you this year. Only you can inspire your friends and family to donate in your name at the 2017 edition of the Half-Marathon!

“We can do terrible things to a child in 24 hours of hospital stay, and we can dramatically change a child’s attitude to life to the better or worse, in a period of 8 months stay in the hospital. A child’s day in the hospital should be as similar as possible to a normal child’s day, given the circumstances.” (The Handbook of Child Life: A Guide for pediatric Psychosocial Care” by Richard H. Thompson).

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