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Race information

The Kids' Race is a set of running races dedicated to the children and is part of Bucharest Half Marathon.
All the kids with ages between 0 and 13 years old are invited to the run that will start in Constitutiei Square.
14 year old children and above may register and participate in the Teens' Race.

Start place:
Piaţa Constituţiei     (see the map)
Forecast temperature:  26°C
The participation to this race is free-of-charge.

Participants will take the start in groups, by age / sex, as following:
- Diapers Jogging (0-5 years) old: start 12:30 boys and girls, distance 0,9 km (with adult)
- 6-7 years old: start 12:50 boys, 13:10 girls, distance 0,9 km
- 8-9 years old: start 13:30 boys, 10:50 girls, distance 0,9 km
- 10-11 years old: start 14:10 boys, 14:30 girls, distance 1,4 km
- 12-13 years old: start 14:50 boys, 15:10 girls, distance 1,4 km

Race numbers are available only in the race day, no exception, Saturday - May 12th, opening hours 7,00 - 10,00 at Sport Expo, Piata Constitutiei.
Each child will be accopanied by an adult (parent / tutor / teacher). The responsible adult will take responsibility for the running child and will sign a responsibility declaration.
Click to open the declaration document

Find further information on the Kids' Race page.

Starting with 2017 edition Kids' Races are NONCOMPETITIVE - there will be no ranking and awarding will have other criteria then time ranking. Since the number of participants is constantly rising year after year Bucharest Running Club aims to provide the maximum possible level of safety for mass street running. BRC also aims to promote fair play and outdoor running and physical exercises motivated by joy and personal pleasure.

The following special prizes will be awarded at a later date after the event:
  • School registering most runners.
  • Highschool registering most runners.