The Social Incubator Association

The Social Incubator was set up in April 2014 by 5 friends, professionals with diverse backgrounds (banking, strategy consulting, legal consulting, public administration, and social sector) who share the same vision about the need for a positive, sustainable change in the lives of disadvantaged people in Romania.

The organization’s mission is to create a platform through which to identify and fully implement innovative social solutions for the problems faced by disadvantaged people in Romania, using various means which involve setting up social enterprises. This approach is based on philosophy referred to as 4S: direct Sustainable and Scalable Social impact through creative Solutions.

The initiatives of The Social Incubator address 3 key areas:

1) Education and social-professional integration (for disadvantaged children and teenagers, NEETs, particularly those who are or have been institutionalized)
2) Social economy and inclusion (for various disadvantaged categories)

You can find out more about the organization at or by sending an email to