Wheelchair Athletes

Bucharest RUNNING CLUB announces that after re-analyzing the routes of the 2019 edition of the Bucharest Half Marathon and following the discussions with all the categories involved in the organization process, the disabled persons willing to participate in wheelchairs and hand bikes can also register for the 10k Race. In order to insure full safety, they will start the race 15 minutes before the other runners.

From the very beginning, since 2008, Bucharest RUNNING CLUB have encouraged people with disabilities, be they professional athletes or not, to participate in the running competitions. And the effort of those who took part in BRC events all these years succeeded to change the perception of the general public and inspired a new generation of athletes.

Even though, fortunately, so far, there have been no injuries with wheelchair runners , we still believe that the city infrastructure can bring some risks when passing long distances at a very high speed in a wheelchair, as it happens at the races organized by Bucharest RUNNING CLUB. Identifying the best 10 / 21 km routes suited to be passed by a person with disabilities, without any help from the outside and in perfect safety, is a great challenge for the organizers, especially since traffic stops only a few hours before the competition starts.

We still strongly believe that sporting events are a way to publicly support the social inclusion of disadvantaged categories, but, for the reasons listed above, starting this year, wheelchair athletes and / or handbike athlets register only in shorter distance races, respectively, within Bucharest Halfmarathon at the 10k Race and Popular Race (2.5K).

We are looking forward for you to join the Bucharest RUNNING CLUB competitions!