Ajungem Mari

Lindfeld Association’s “Ajungem mari” (“Growing Great”) program supports children from foster care to learn with pleasure, through games, helps them gain self-confidence and develop communication abilities and teamwork and motivates them to “Grow Great”, responsible and independent people. Details at

The purpose of Lindfeld Association’s “Ajungem mari” educational program is to help children from foster care and struggling families to “Become Great”, responsible and independent people, sheltered from the dangers and temptations of the street. With the help of a large volunteer team, we strive to reduce the trauma caused by abandonment and separation from the family and to pass on to the children not only knowledge, but also moral values for a healthy and dignified life.

All the projects branded “Ajungem Mari” emphasize children’s personal development – raising self-confidence and forming communication and teamwork skills. We use interactive educational methods and offer them memorable experiences, encouragement, motivation and guidance..

  • “Pass on your passion” – volunteering project in which young people teach the children about domains that they are passionate about, through games and interactive activities: math, Romania language and literature, English, photography, music, dance, film making, theatrical arts and so on. At the moment over 200 volunteers are weekly visiting foster care children in Bucharest and we are also starting this type of activity in other major cities.
  • “Take form!” – sessions with public speaking and theater trainers, laughter therapy and so on.
  • “Dare to dream!” – first steps in career management and guidance, through interactive and motivational visits in companies, factories and various work places.
  • “Learn to ride!” – project through which we teach the children to ride bikes and we donate bicycles.
  • “Holidays (make you) Grow” – personal development camp in the mountains, filled with team games, creativity, morale, role-playing and movement games.

This spring we set our goal to offer support for at least 600 foster care children from Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Buzau and Timis together with over 300 volunteers. The program is rapidly expanding and, by the end of the year, we wish to implement it in as many cities around the country as possible.

For this expansion the “Ajungem Mari” program needs financing for the educational materials which the volunteers use in class and for the setting up of training sessions for the volunteers from Bucharest and around the country.
Last year all our projects were financed with the help of fundraisers that took part in marathon type events, so we believe that the people from Bucharest that run can bring a wonderful contribution to these children’s lives. We invite the marathon participants to support the cause and we also invite them to meet the children and volunteers in order to better understand just how important the support they offer is.

330 lei is the cost for one child to take part for a period of one year in 3 weekly sessions full of games and interactive activities, that motivate him to “Grow Great”.

This sum can be obtained by every fundraiser by inviting his family and friends to cheer for him or her.

Heartfelt thanks in the name of the children!